***  Best played in fullscreen mode - click the icon on the bottom right to activate! ***


Arrow Keys - Move Lee

Shift - Dive Roll (Left or Right depending on which way Lee is facing)

Ctrl - Hold to Sneak

Colleague Types


Busy browsing the internet at their standing desk. Won't notice you if you sneak, unless you bump into them or their overpriced desk.


Paces back and forth repeatedly, keeping an eye on everyone but not actually doing anything. Won't spot you if you're behind them but will spin 180 degrees in the opposite direction if they face any obstacle.


Stares fixedly ahead at all times, seems to be unable to hear anything. They will occasionally glance behind them before returning confidently to their original direction.


Moves continually from task to task, sweeping the floor and watering plants. Will not notice you if you stand completely still, unless you get between them and their next task.

Smoke Break Slackers

If they're smoking and on their phone, they wouldn't notice you even if you were on fire. When they are checking to see if anyone is watching them slack off, they can see almost everywhere, except through solid objects.


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Very funny! I love the art style and character design of the lazy smoke break slackers XD


Ah, that was stressful

Beat the game. Wonderful concept! Great execution. The roll felt great.

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. Which endings did you find?

There are multiple??? 

I got my spare clothes from the locker and beat the game. I need to find the rest!


The BBC Micro aesthetic and horrific (good) CGA palette give waves of nostalgia. Love the employee level biographies, and the game design. I've still not finished it but the quality and re-playability makes itself known from the outset. Great game!